Finally, employees who are not abusing drugs and alcohol are affected by their coworkers if their coworkers are abusing. With an increase of health programs and the increase of absenteeism, workers may see that all benefit from the “zero-tolerance” at work. Besides, having to pick up where others cannot be stressful as well. Therefore, it’s best for drug testing to stay as random with all employers because of employees being happier as well as safer, just so as long as they stay under or at least in the 40 hours a week schedule with a decent hourly wage. As a result, staying in one’s job for the long haul is enough, although, working in it because of its safety factors is far more important as well.

Shave It All Off

If you’re forced to take a hair test and can’t find or afford a follicle cleansing shampoo, shaving your head and body might be an option. This really depends on the situation, your ability to lie, and if the tester has ever seen you before. That said, if you shave, you may be able to avoid a hair test by simply not having hair. Not having hair might mean that you can request a different type of test that will be less likely to turn up a positive result. Just be sure to have a really good excuse for your hair situation. Just don’t pull out anything that could raise suspicions or get you into any trouble later. The key is to be believable and to not raise suspicions from the tester or anyone else involved, such as potential employers or probation officers.

Chew It Up

Much like there are special shampoos that cleanse hair follicles, there are special gums that will prevent positive saliva tests. The added bonus here is that this method is very discreet and that testers likely won’t find anything strange about you chewing gum before a drug test. This means you won’t have to worry at all about alerting testers to any suspicious activity but can still take measures to prevent failing your drug test. Gums like these that help pass saliva-based drug tests are available both online and at some smoke shops. As with everything, check the reviews and make sure the product you’re using is legitimate and actually works before purchasing.

Swab the Right Spot

If you’re lucky enough to be able to swab your own mouth during a saliva test, you might have an advantage in potentially passing the drug test. Swabbing your mouth in the right way might decrease the chance of it picking up any drug traces left in your mouth. During the saliva test, the swab ordinarily sits between your gums and cheek for a couple of minutes. Instead of holding it there, try discreetly holding it between your back teeth and keeping it as dry as possible. This might keep down the amount of saliva that comes in contact with the swab, which ultimately might help you avoid a positive drug test. This definitely shouldn’t be your primary method in avoiding a failed drug test, but as a last-ditch effort or as another in many working methods, it could help.

Avoid Pitfalls

Also, diluted urine can alert testers to anything fishy as any additives will change the temperature of the urine and make it cooler than it’s supposed to be after exiting the body. This includes water, so don’t try to add additional water from the sink to dilute any drugs in your urine. One way to avoid many pitfalls is to use this website:

Drug Testing Reviews | Pass A Drug Test Fast

You’re better off drinking tons of water beforehand or using legitimate synthetic urine in conjunction with some kind of urine belt. Remember that you can often find testing strips at smoke shops that will allow you to see if the method you’re using will actually work during a drug test.

Absolutely No Bleach

The internet has lots of advice on how to pass a drug test. Some of this advice is legitimate and helpful; some of it is pretty much utterly useless, and some of it is outright harmful and dangerous. The idea of drinking bleach is one of these harmful pieces of advice. While it may seem logical if you’re on a lot of drugs that something like bleach would clean out your system, bleach is extremely corrosive and will harm internal organs in the digestive tract. If you ingest enough of this substance, it can also ultimately kill you. Be sure to take any advice with a grain of salt. Most ingestible substances will not flush you out any faster than plain water.

Don’t Sweat It

Several sources recommend sweating as a means of detoxing from any drugs that remain in your system. While this may seem like a logical idea on paper as a lot of drug traces get stored in fat, it typically doesn’t work in the end. Exercise may be a good substitute for recreational drug use while you’re avoiding it pre-test, and it may distract you from any cravings or desires to use drugs while you should not. However, it will not help purge any drugs from your system, especially in a short time. While exercise is always a good idea for health and wellness, don’t shell out a ton of money for a gym membership just avoid failing a drug test. You’re much better off using that money on a product that will actually help you pass such as synthetic urine or follicle cleansing shampoo.

Be Careful With Storage and Transport

If you’re using someone else’s urine or synthetic urine to pass a urine test, be careful with transport. As said above, there are urine belts, and other products on the market meant to be used to transport and release urine in a supervised setting like a drug test. Some people might be tempted to use things like tied off condoms to transport the urine and then release it during the test. This can backfire if you’re well supervised. It can also break during transport causing leaks and making it obvious that you’re trying to cheat on the test. While there are probably some DIY methods that will let you adequately store and use someone else’s urine or synthetic urine for a drug test, be sure to test it beforehand. Don’t wait for the day of the test to find out.


As with all things in life, the most important advice is not to panic. A drug test can be intimidating, but it’s not the end of the world even if you’re a habitual user. Following the above advice and ceasing any drug use as soon as you know the test is forthcoming can be the difference between testing positive or negative for traces of any drugs. Be sure to avoid any negative or harmful advice and remember that a failed test doesn’t always mean it was over and done with. Even if a test finds traces of drugs in your system, life is often full of second chances. Just remember there are several ways how to pass a drug test and if you employ them quickly, it will probably never come to that in the first place.

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